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Flat Roofing Dublin

Flat Roofing Dublin

For the best in professional flat roof installations in Dublin, get in contact with Pro Tect Construction today.


Pro Tect Construction provides clients all over Dublin with quality flat roofing installation services. As flat roofing specialists, we can offer clients the very highest standard of flat roof installation services.

Many modern home extensions are fitted with flat roofs. Our team install flat roofs that are designed to deal with the oftentimes wet and unpredictable Irish weather. Our flat roofs are fitted with proper drain facilities to stop pooling water.

Our team of fully qualified and highly trained flat roof specialists are also available replace old or damaged flat roofs.

To speak to one of our fully trained and fully certified flat roofing specialists, get in contact with Pro Tect Construction today.

Fibreglass Flat Roofing Dublin

Pro Tect Construction are fibreglass flat roofing installation specialists.
Fibreglass is an incredibly versatile material. Our team of specialists have been installing high-quality fibreglass flat roofs for over 15 years.

Our expertise includes replacing old or damaged flat roofs with modern fibreglass roofs. Fibreglass is maintenance-free and is incredibly weather resistant.

Our team of fibreglass flat roofing installation experts can quickly install flat roofs in homes all over Dublin.

Fibreglass Flat Roofing

For additional information on our fibreglass flat roofing installation services, get in contact with Pro Tect Construction today.

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